Other Workshops at IIIT - Hyderabad

We give opportunity for our participating colleges to participate in the workshops that are conducted in IIIT - Hyderabad. Below are the some of the workshops that are conducted in the campus.

Excitement of Research (ExoR)

The mission of IIIT-H is to contribute to the transformation of industry and society, in India and the world over, by delivering world class research and education, and promoting innovation and human values.

The Education Outreach at IIIT-H has been set up in 2006 to showcase the institutes leading edge academic and research initiatives over other engineering institutes in the country, and to help strengthen their education and research programs.

The ExoR, which is organized each year, for the engineering student community, is meant to excite deep interest in research, and encourage students to take up research in academics and as a career option.

Jeevan Vidya Shivir (JV)

The objective of the workshop is to draw attention to the self in the human being, what is within us innate and intact, need for human relationships, inherent desire to seek knowledge, and the joy that we naturally derive from these. Thus, it brings about a dialogue between what we are and what we seek to be. It does not posit happiness in an after-world, but here and now. It is rational, secular, universal and encompassing all dimensions.

Robo Camp

RoboCamp is the one week workshop that is conducted for students to improve their interest understanding and competence in building mini-robots.

R & D Showcase

The two day event consists of a showcase of select exhibits and demonstration of select research projects, which represent some of IIIT-H's most recent developments in research and technology innovation.

The objective of conducting this workshop is to

Workshop on Image and Speech Processing (WISP)

Most data collected and stored in machines is of audio and video type. Indexing and retrieval of this data poses several signal processing challenges. Progress in processing image and speech data will have tremendous impact on the applications of information technology.

The objective of this one day workshop is to provide an opportunity for students, faculty, scientists and engineers to interact with leading researchers in speech, biometrics, phonetics, image and signal processing areas. The workshop includes invited talks from experts in these and related areas from India and abroad. Researchers in academic, government and industrial organizations are encouraged to participate in the workshop.