About Workshops

EnhanceEdu, IIIT-Hyderabad is conducting a series of workshops on Advanced Courses and Open source technology toolkit throughout the year for faculty, students and employees of various organizations.

Introducing open source tools for this purpose will be an added advantage as the users will have the flexibility to customize according to their requirements. Educational institutions can afford and support these easily, as well.

Different people have various learning styles. Some learn well when they read a text, others through audio and video lectures, etc. By providing these resources to students and making those available for students through a centralized mechanism will help students learn faster.

We at EnhanceEdu have realized these points and have started introducing various open source tools that will help improve the productivity of engineering colleges. For this purpose we have identified some open source tools which become a complete package of productivity enhancement tools.

Aim of conducting workshops

With the ever increasing demand for education in engineering and the huge number of students joining engineering colleges, workload on the faculty has increased tremendously. The amount of paper work that the faculty has to complete has doubled. This work can be reduced by introducing various tools which will help increase their productivity.


System checklist

Intended Audience

Certificate Details

A list of tasks will be assigned to the participants or the participant will self-assign the tasks at the end of workshop to themselves. After completing these tasks, certificate will be issued. EnhanceEdu, IIIT-Hyderabad conducted a series of workshops on Advanced Courses for faculty of engineering colleges in the following areas:

These workshops will be completely hands-on and will concentrate on use of tools and techniques and on how to teach the courses in an efficient manner. We believe these workshops will add a lot of value to your faculty members and we encourage you to spread the word among your colleagues and faculty members.

These workshops were conducted by IIIT-Hyderabad professors and their research assistants. These workshops would be an excellent opportunity for your faculty to enhance, enrich and expand their knowledge. We will be issuing certificates for all successful participants. Working lunch will be served at the event on all days. Accommodation is limited and will be arranged upon request on a first come first serve basis

Workshop Models

Digital System Design Using Verilog

A nine day workshop (6-15 June 2011) first in the Advanced Course workshop series-2011 and first workshop for ECE faculty was conducted at EnhanceEdu. We got fourteen faculty from several engineering college participated in the workshop.

Verilog content is developed based on Learning by Doing (LBD) methodology. Prof. Sandhya Kode welcomed the gathering and took a session on Learning by Doing methodology. Dr.Subhajit took the Lecture on "Introduction to Verilog" and followed by tutorials and hands-on session. We have used the Modelsim software during the hands on sessions. We took the initial survey on day-2 and conducted the quizzes everyday. At the end of the day each participant designed a processor (ARM processor) and which is a highlight of the workshop.

Dr. Subhajit Roy covered the concepts in the form of 1 hour lecture to the participants and followed by tutorials and hands-on sessions. Daily quizzes were conducted and at the end of workshop we have conducted an assessment. Ms.Sunitha, Ms.Kaumudi from Industry interacted with the participants and shared their real time experience with the participants.

Data mining and Data warehousing Workshop Summary

We conducted the Data Mining and Data Warehousing Workshop from 1st July, 2011 till 8th July, 2011. We structured the entire workshop into 6 modules – Introduction and Data Pre-Processing, Frequent Itemset Mining, Classification, Clustering, Real World Data Mining and Data Warehouse Management. The schedule of the workshop was such that we had to cover one module a day and 2 modules on the last day. The lectures or the basic overview were provided by Dr. Vikram Pudi through a series of presentations every day. We then had a tutorial session to understand the concepts in more details with real life examples and go deeper into the theory. After the tutorial sessions we had the hands on session in which we made a series of tasks or examples for the workshop attendees to perform and the mentors helped them perform the same. At the end of each day, a quiz was scheduled to evaluate the understanding that has been achieved by the attendees. The certificates were distributed among the attendees on the basis of their attendance and qualifying the quizzes.

Dr. Vikram covered most of the basic concepts and algorithms in data pre-processing, frequent pattern mining, classification, clustering, real world data mining and data warehousing including algorithms like Apriori, Naïve Bayes, Decision Trees, k-Means, hierarchical clustering etc. The mentors conducted tutorials in which they explained other variety of algorithms like FP-Tree, K-NN, DBScan, Chameleon etc. During the hands on session the power of WEKA toolkit was shown. It performed complex algorithms with quick computation time. We also showed the attendees the ways to visualize results and interpret the same via WEKA toolkit. The quizzes according to the surveys and the marks obtained by the attendees were neither too tough nor too easy and were of intermediate level.

We have seen in the exit survey that people have felt that the content is too much too grasp in such a short time period and will keep that in mind while devising future DMDW Workshops. We hope we met the expectations of the attendees and did justice by providing them a good overview of Data Mining concepts and toolkits and its usage in real world. Our special thanks to Dr. Vikram Pudi for conducting the workshop and bringing insight to the attendees.