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Student Enhancement Program (STEP) being implemented at partnering colleges by EnhanceEdu, IIIT Hyderabad to empower students in IT Skills and to get them ready for the IT industry.


Screening test will be conducted as part of the orientation to only those students who exhibit intent to learn IT skills and qualified students list is declared on the day of screening test.


While the teachers are being trained, we help the colleges establish computer labs for training students. Upon completion of the course the faculty trainees go back to their colleges to implement CIT program to the students in one of the suggested models . Coordinators team team from IIIT-H, along with an administrative team of the participating college is made responsible for monitoring the execution of this program among the students.


Basic Courses

The course is offered in three phases with each phase of 80 hours duration. Please find below the details about each phase.

Phase 1

Phase 2


Phase 3


The CIT course is conducted in the 'Learning-by-doing' methodology, which provides hands-on experience. It bridges the gap between theory and practice thereby enabling the student to understand the concepts better and apply them in project-centered scenarios similar to what is being followed in the industry. A mentor to student ratio of 1:10 is followed.

Shown below is the retention rate of various learning modes:

Advance Courses

Advanced Courses

We are currently developing content (based on LBD methodology) for the following courses:

  • Operating System
  • VLSI & Design for Testability
  • Principles of Information Security
  • Pattern Recognition
  • e-Governance
  • Theory of Computation
  • Computer Aided Power Systems
  • Data Mining & Data Warehousing