Our Organization

EnhanceEdu, a division of IIIT, works towards empowering individuals and communities by enhancing the quality of education. To actualize this goal we have come up with a framework which involves training faculty members of engineering colleges though our Teacher Training Program (TTP), training students at engineering colleges through Certificate in Information Technology (CIT) course and conducting workshops on current and needed topics. EnhanceEdu is established to enhance the quality of education in engineering colleges and to make their graduates industry ready. We accomplish this goal, through our teacher and student training courses, workshops and collaborative activities. We constantly update our knowledge and skills to keep our offering useful and relevant.


During the implementation of the CIT program in colleges, a team of mentors at EnhanceEdu continuously monitor and assist in the successful completion of the program.


Based on your needs we conduct technology workshops on several current topics. Faculty, students and participants from industry have attended workshops on Free and open source software, Principles of programming, and Scientific programming in python. These are hands-on workshops that equip participants with knowledge of high quality productivity tools. We plan such workshops periodically and notify interested groups. Please let us know of your interest in workshops.

Collaborative Activities

EnhanceEdu is also involved in developing content using Learning by Doing (LBD) methodology, building tools and frameworks for improved productivity and efficiency, providing technological services to engineering colleges, government organizations and industry through collaborations with their faculty and employees.

Ongoing Research

EnhanceEdu encourages its team to undertake research activities in the following areas: