Certificate in Information Technology

International Institute of Information Technology - Hyderabad in collaboration with the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) has introduced an IT Certificate program for students in engineering colleges to enhance the quality of IT education. In view of the aforementioned objective a teacher training program has been setup for aspiring teachers and faculty from engineering colleges who can administer the Certificate in Information Technology (CIT) program for the students at their respective colleges.


“ To enhance the quality of IT education in engineering colleges ”


“ To setup a teacher training program which will provide training to faculty who will train and mentor 12,000+ students per year in engineering colleges to be industry-ready ”

Course Structure

Prerequisite: None

Target audience: Preferably students in 1st year, 2nd year 1st semester or summer break

CIT Phase 1
Name of Section Number of modules
Computational Thinking 10
OOPs through Java 30
Total 40

Computational Thinking Phase 1
Name of Section Number of modules
Orientation 1
Introduction 1
Logic 1
Loops 1
Arrays 1
Strings 1
Functions 1
Remedial Work 1
Assessment 2
Total 10

OOPs Phase 1
Name of Section Number of modules
Introduction to Java 1
Datatypes and Operators 2
Control Statements 3
OOPs I 3
Access Specifiers and Packages 2
Arrays 2
Strings 2
Exception Handling 2
File I/O 3
Remedial Work 1
Java Assessment 6
Total 31

Prerequisite: CIT Phase 1 or Entry test qualification

Target audience: Preferably students in 2nd year 1st or 2nd semester of engineering

CIT Phase II
Name of Section Number of modules
OOPs through Java 12
Data structures 28
Total 40

OOPs Phase II
Name of Section Number of modules
Concurrent Programming 2
GUI using Swings 2
Socket Programming 2
Collections 2
Assessment 2
Total 12

Data structures Phase II
Name of Section Number of modules
Big O Notation and Program Complexity 1
Abstract Data Type 2
Stacks 2
Queues 2
Linked Lists 3
Sorting 2
Searching 2
Dictionary 4
Trees 4
Priority Queues 4
Assessment 2
Total 28

Prerequisite: CIT Phase II

Target audience: Preferably students in 2nd year 2nd semester or 3rd year 1st semester

Name of Section Number of modules
Project 40
Total 40

The CIT course is conducted in the 'Learning-by-doing' methodology, which provides hands-on experience. It bridges the gap between theory and practice thereby enabling the student to understand the concepts better and apply them in project-centered scenarios similar to what is being followed in the industry. A mentor to student ratio of 1:10 is followed. Shown below is the retention rate of various learning modes:

Advance Courses


  • Computer Aided Power Systems
  • Datamining and Data Warehousing
  • Digital System Design Using Verilog
  • E-Governance
  • Principles of Information Security
  • VLSI and Design for Testability

  • In Progress

  • CAD for VLSI
  • Chem Enabled
  • Computer Organization
  • Digital Logic Design
  • Electro-magnetic theory
  • Topics in Embedded Systems
  • Linear Electronic Circuits
  • Operating Systems
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Social Networking
  • VLSI
  • VLSI Architectures
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